medallion abraham curry
Historic Coin Press No. 1 Demonstrations05/15/202111:00am

Starting Saturday, April 10th we will be minting a special medallion that features Abraham Curry, the founder of Carson City and first superintendent of the Mint when it opened on Jan. 6, 1870.

The coin press is the only one of its kind in […]

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State Capitol Sesquicentennial Medallion Release05/18/20211:00pm

The Nevada State Museum is striking a new medallion to commemorate our beautiful state Capitol building during its sesquicentennial year. The image on the medallion is modeled after one of the earliest images of the completed building. The building, […]

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Encore Curator’s Corner05/19/20211:00pm

Curator’s Corner is a monthly series that will feature a museum artifact or group of artifacts. Since 1941, the museum has collected and interpreted objects related to Nevada’s unique heritage, including historical, cultural, anthropological and […]

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Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “NASA’s Perseverance Rover and Nevada” by Raymond Francis, Ph.D.05/27/20216:30pm

In February 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover landed in Mars’ Jezero crater, an ancient former lake now a dry desert, to explore, seek signs of ancient life, and prepare rock samples for return to Earth.  One year earlier, in February 2020, the Jet […]

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