The Nevada State Museum is commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Carson City Mint’s opening and beginning operation in 1870. The celebration kicked off in 2018 by marking the arrival of Coin Press No. 1 at the Mint, 150 years ago, and continues throughout 2019 and 2020 with monthly programs and special events leading up to February 4, 2020, the sesquicentennial of the Mint issuing the first coin. That coin, and all CC coins minted from 1870 to 1875, were struck on Coin Press No. 1. Today, the Nevada State Museum preserves the Mint building and Coin Press No. 1, which is still operated to strike limited runs of silver medallions.

To celebrate the most historic minting duo in the world during its sesquicentennial, the museum is striking a limited edition, .999 fine silver, 1870 CC Liberty Seated Half Dollar replica on Coin Press No. 1, and in the Carson City Mint. This is a replica of the first CC issued half dollar. The replica dies were sculpted by retired U.S. Mint engraver, Tom Rogers. The silver comes from the Coeur Rochester mine near Lovelock, Nevada. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to collect a replica of the first CC half dollar coin, struck on the same coin press operating in the same mint building and made with silver mined in Nevada. The replica is incused with the word “COPY” as required by law.

This replica began minting on August 1, 2019. All units are minted on Coin Press No. 1 and mounted in a card noting its series number.

The price is $125.00. To order, contact the Museum Store at (775) 687-4810, extension 234.

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Coeur Rochester, Inc. is a sponsor of The Nevada State Museum’s Mint 150 Celebration.