POSTPONED – Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “Hair, Makeup and Me” by Jan Loverin

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED. THE NEVADA STATE MUSEUM APOLOGIZES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. WE WILL RESCHEDULE THIS LECTURE AT A LATER DATE AND TIME. Putting on your face, or applying makeup, is an activity most women and some men do daily. Nevada State Museum Clothing and Textiles Curator Jan Loverin explores a brief history of […]

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic Animals who Roamed the Silver State” by Joshua Bonde, Ph.D.

Nevada isn’t the first state a person thinks of when daydreaming about dinosaurs. Oftentimes, we think of places like Montana, Wyoming, or Utah, which have had rich dinosaur discoveries for many years. Nevada’s dinosaur story is more recent. Over the past 20 years, a multi-institution team, including the Nevada State Museum, has been diligently working […]

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “The Frémont Cannon Resurfaces” by Gene Hattori, Ph.D.

The Nevada State Museum’s Frémont Cannon has been missing for seven years now but is back on display. The cannon left the museum with the Finding Frémont exhibition in 2015 and traveled to four Frémont’s “Lost” Cannon (The “real” one?) other museums in Oregon and Nevada. Curator Gene Hattori welcome’s the cannon’s return with a […]
entrance to sutro tunnel

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series: “Past, Present & Future of the Sutro Tunnel”

Proposed in 1860 by Prussian mining engineer Adolph Sutro as a means to prevent flooding in mines and to mine even deeper within Nevada’s high desert terrain, the Sutro Tunnel is a 3.88 mile drainage tunnel originating in Dayton, Nevada and connecting with the Comstock Lode in Virginia City. After spending almost 20 years in […]

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “On the Trail of the Jackalope” by Michael Branch

Perhaps you think jackalopes are just the stuff of legends—curio items you might spot on the wall of a novelty taxidermist. Well, there’s more to this cottontail than meets the eye, as Michael P. Branch explores in his new book, On the Trail of the Jackalope: How a Legend Captured the World’s Imagination and Helped […]

Frances Humphrey Lecture Series “You Can’t Do 30-Meter Transects in a Pit Lake: The Archaeological Study of a Mid-Twentieth Century Mine” by Margo Memmott

You Can’t Do 30-Meter Transects in a Pit Lake: The Archaeological Study of a Mid-Twentieth Century Mine Mid-twentieth-century federal investment in infrastructure projects transformed the American West. Two conspicuous projects impacting the West include the Glen Canyon Dam (1956-1964) and the Interstate Highway System (beginning 1956). Federal investment also found its way into mining in […]