Carson City museum observes 80th birthday with Oct. 28 history lecture

CARSON CITY, Nevada — The Nevada State Museum, Carson City, will mark its 80th anniversary Oct. 28 at a lecture exploring the institution’s past. The arrival of notable collections, expansion of facilities, installation of exhibits and honors received all will be explored in the talk offered from 6:30 to 8 p.m., both in-person and online. […]

September Curator’s Corner

Jacques Fath and the LBD The color black has long been associated with mourning, religious, academic, legal, and ceremonial dress. But within the last 100 years, black has become a woman’s classic fashion choice. “The Little Black Dress” has saved many of us from the dilemma – “What to wear?”

July Curator’s Corner

Did you know that when our museum was created in 1939 it was called the Nevada State Museum and Art Institute? With assistance of the Nevada Art Association (a former Nevada organization separate from the current Nevada Artists Association), our first art exhibit was presented in the east wing of the second floor of the […]

July 2021: Congressional Art Competition

I am elated to share that over 300 bi-partisan members of Congress participated in this year’s Congressional Art Competition, an annual exhibition opportunity for several hundreds of high schoolers from around the nation to submit their artwork to their local member of Congress in hopes that it is selected for display in the Cannon Tunnel […]

June 2021: Carol Brown

This June, our Curator’s Corner examines two spectacular ichthyosaur fossils recovered here in Nevada, that invite us to consider the enormous depth – literally and figuratively speaking – of our geological history. Thanks to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, our Nevada State Museum in Carson City is able to preserve, document, and share these fossilized moments […]

June Curator’s Corner

Did you know that the 1977 Nevada Legislature designated the official State Fossil to be an ichthyosaur? In 1989 this statute was amended to specify this state symbol as Shonisaurus popularis. There are two well-known examples of fossil marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs from Nevada. Specimens of one type have been found in the Humboldt Mountains […]

May 2021: Jackie Pias Carlin

In May our nation recognizes the numerous contributions that generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have contributed to the diversity and vibrancy of our history, society and culture. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month started as a concept in 1978 when the House and Senate presented joint resolutions to President Carter proposing that […]

May Curator’s Corner

Sadly, this is the second year that we had to cancel the Museum’s annual Lei Day event; however, in lieu of live music, hula performances, and lei making, I want to highlight the Museum’s small tapa collection. Tapa is the common name for cloth made from the inner bark of trees. Throughout the Pacific islands, […]